Arduino Voice Controlled Car Project Details

Arduino Voice Controlled Car Project Report

The Arduino Wireless Voice Controlled Robot consists of a transmitter and a receiver section. The transmitter end consists of Smartphone Bluetooth and the Android app installed on it. Similarly, the Receiver section has Arduino board as a processor, HC-05 Bluetooth Module as a wireless communication module, L293D for driving motors, and a pair of DC geared as a part for moving robot.

The principle this toy concept was based on was voice recognition technology. The car operates by having a voice receiver box on it where it receives your voice commands. The car has a 50 foot radius from where it is initially place on the ground. The child interacts with the car by shouting out commands like “faster”, “slower”, “right”, “left”, and “stop”. The child will be able to feel like they are in full control of the car by doing this, thus giving them the sense of being important. The child programs their own voice into the receiver so that only they can operate the car. The car has an emergency shut down when it reaches the boundary of the 50 foot radius. The child must also be within that 50 foot radius when shouting commands in order for the car to initiate the desired command.

The car is relatively cheap to produce because it’s exterior is made of plastic. The voice recognition technology also is very cheap these days, and since the receiver only has to have a few words programmed into it, the cost is also reduced. As long as the car is not dropped from a 3 story window, the child would have no problem with its durability. It can withstand crashes against curbs and other such similar obstacles. There is no choking hazard risk in regards with this toy. The on/off switch is located in a safe area where the child’s hands won’t be near any moving parts. Also, there won’t be any sharp edges on the car that can inadvertently cut the child.

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